Gustos Corporate Offices

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Workspace design has strong ties with the identity and aesthetics of a corporation, so when given the opportunity to design Gustos Coffee Company's new offices, maintaining continuity with their existing brand was a must. Utilizing recurring elements such as black steel framed windows and doors, natural wood veneer workstations, solid white oak cased openings and an overall Scandinavian-inspired minimalist approach was the key in making textural connections with their commercial direct to consumer environments.

A conference room with black steel and glass sliding barn door hardware restates the industrial approach of Gustos Coffee Co. corporate offices. Natural white oak lines the door opening and matches with the conference tabletop for a consistent look. White walls and neutral gray modular carpet flooring create a subdued backdrop for industrial features to stand out.

A herringbone patterned vinyl flooring with light ash wood finish receives you as you enter into Gustos Coffee Company's corporate offices and provides a balanced counterpart to a factory style black steel window. Natural oak wood accents spill over from the cased openings in the vestibule into the adjacent hallway and each doorframe throughout the space. Both areas of circulation were opportunities to be expressive with lighting.. Illuminating these passages with a warm glow were strategies reminiscent of ones that we have used in their coffee shop designs.

A view of their roasting facilities from above through a steel and glass factory window provides a great perspective for visitors and employees to see the inner workings of their coffee business. Upon entering you are immediately greeted by their corporate logo mounted on a brick veneer wall which was attic stock from one of their coffee shops. An oversized oak wood frame that doubles as a bench provides seating in the vestibule while you wait for your meeting. Oversized glass globe pendants and a herringbone patterned vinyl floor lead you into the executive wing of the offices.

The industrial warehouse setting where Gustos Corporate Offices are located create a unique opportunity to showcase the operations of their roasting facilities. To emphasize this concept, we introduced a steel and glass enclosure with ample visual access from the vestibule area to the industrial roasting environment. At the same time, this gives the opportunity for the oversized natural oak frame corporate branding strategy to be visible from the warehouse space. The brick veneer backdrop brings character from their coffee shop locations. Alto Rod pendant light fixtures with Opal glass hang along the steel and glass wall to emphasize the threshold between office and roasting spaces.

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